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5 Tips to Save on an iPhone Purchase

Everyone wants to own an iPhone, but they don’t want to pay a lot of money for it. Before purchasing an iPhone, decide if it is the best phone for your budget, electronic needs, and mobile restrictions. If you decide to buy an iPhone, here are some helpful tips to save on it:

Take Advantage of Upgrades

If you have a contract with one of the major mobile service providers, such as AT&T and Sprint, then you’re likely to qualify for an upgrade. This usually happens every two years, around the time your previous contract is about to expire. To take advantage of the iPhone upgrade offer, you may have to sign a new contract and change your account status,

For a phone upgrade, you usually only have to pay a small fee to purchase the mobile device; some companies let you upgrade your phone for free. The major stipulation with upgrading your phone is that you have to stay with the company for another two years: breaking the contract early often means having to pay the full retail price for the phone, and other hefty fees.

Buy an Unlocked Phone

For those wary of contracts, buy an unlocked iPhone. You have to pay retail price for it, which costs you more upfront than getting a new phone under a phone service contract. However, you pay less in the long run, because you can use the phone at any company without signing a contract. It’s better to pay a one time payment of a couple hundred dollars, and then pay as little as $20 a month, than to pay a penny for the phone but have to pay $100 every month for the mobile service.

Get an Older Model

Apple releases new versions of the iPhones every few years. These new models have slightly better features than the last, but they’re unnecessary. Most iPhones have the same basic capabilities and perks, so consider if you really need an improved camera, some graphic tricks, and a bigger phone. If not, buy an older model. The older the model, the more discounted it becomes.

Additionally, usually when a new iPhone gets released, Apple releases a software upgrade that works on at least the three most recent models. This upgraded software contains many of the new interface features that are on the new iPhone model.

Buy Used

Check eBay, Amazon, and Groupon for refurbished or used iPhones. eBay and Amazon feature independent sellers who are trying to sell their old phones for quick cash. As of 2017, many eBay users are selling the iPhone 5 models for less than $100.

On Amazon, refurbished iPhone 6 models cost between $250 and $350. Groupon features daily deals on iPhone models ranging from the three to seven versions. The price range of Groupon’s refurbished iPhones fall between $70 and $880.

Cheap Accessories

iPhone users need the right accessories to go with their phones. Whether trying to protect it or showcase your style, you do not want to overspend on accessories. For backup cords and chargers, search deals on eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. You can find certified cables for less than $10 at these stores. Buying a replacement iPhone cable on the Apple website costs you between $20 and $40.

Cheap and cute iPhone cases are available at most mall kiosks. Additionally, major retailers like Aerie carry iPhone cases. Search Aerie’s clearance sections or use coupons to buy these cases at even bigger discounts.